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About Us

Next-Morse Technology is an innovative digital platform providing boutique digital solutions. Our Digital Consultancy Services, Digital Marketing Services and Web-Application development services will help our clients emerge and evolve as holistic digital brands. We help our clients leap through digital transformation process by offering cutting edge digital engineering solutions and reimagine the future of branding.

Since 2017, we have been visionaory and a reliable digital solutions provider partnering with more than 50 Nepalese brands. Our impactful digital engineering solutions focusing on Nepalese Market have guided them leap through their digital journey. We are trust-worthy companion of digital-technology and knowledges in this digital era partnering with organizations needing technological and digital support services.  


Our Vision

'Transit Point to Digital acceleration and Growth'

Nextmorse focuses on enhancing digital presence. We help re-imagine future of branding and offer boutique digital solutions. We are a transition point to every digital needs and aboard all stakeholders needing digital support. 


Our Mission

We are guided by 'Digital Solutions for Digital Transformation' mission. To achieve our mission we are guided by ‘4 IN’ principles:


We invest our time on Research and Development of cutting edge digital solutions serving the needs of the current market, forming potential partnership for collaboration  


We invent digital market and platforms, digital strategies and digital processes in bringing digital transformation for our potential partners.


We innovate digital marketing processes, web-based services and consultancy services helping our potential partner reach their target audiences and ,


We integrate all our knowledges in development of holistic digital engineering solutions Process and implement our knowlwedges in helping our client accelerate and grow


  • 2018

    Signed Contract with International Centre for Academics (ICA-IGNOU)

    It is a significant break through for us. Our idea finally found a potential Match. We signed a long-term contract with our collaborative partner. Now we will look after their branding. We became the stepping stones for their presence in digital platform.

  • 2017

    Establishment of the Company

    Hurrah! Our idea finally Kicked-off. We are about to start our journey as a one room development company. Operating from Dillibazaar - Kathmandu, we will be focused on Developing web-based product and we will also launch our own web-based product - Nepal Auto Trader (nepalautotrader.com)

  • 2019

    Started Partnership with Tourism Sector / Developed a Holistic web-based platform for ICA

    We will keep our focus on Visit Nepal 2020. We started partnering with Tourism Sector and started developing digital contents and disseminating the content through search engines for them. Our long-term partner ICA wants to develop a holistic web-based platform and we will be developing innovative platform for them and provide them digital solutions to cater their client needs.

  • 2020

    Office Expansion and New Team

    Pandemic is hitting us hard as well but We have planned for office expansion. We will now be operating from Kamalpokhari. We also now have our own Management Consulting firm - Aabhamarsha Pvt. Ltd. We will be forming a Long-term business partnership with them. We initially planned for our content and cater the tourism market but SARS-CoV-2 is hitting every country hard. Nepal has now cancelled its plan to celebrate Visit Nepal 2020. We wish for fastest recovery of everyone infected.

  • 2021

    Sign contract with Ktm Groups and Saptabhumi Agro and Reserch Center.


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